Schooling, Clinics, Demos & Talks

Schooling in the Waterloo Arena is available on specified dates as listed below


Dressage schooling in a boarded arena

Showjumping schooling over a course of jumps

Arena Event schooling over a combination of x-country and showjumping fences


To book please call the shows team on 0118 922 5371

£25 per 1/2 hr, £45 per 1 hr – 1 horse

£30 per 1/2 hr, £55 per 1 hr – 2 horses

£35 per 1/2 hr, £65 per 1 hr – 3 or more horses


Dressage Schooling Dates

Tuesday 12th September

Tuesday 3rd October

Tuesday 3rd November

Tuesday 28th November

Tuesday 5th December


Showjumping Schooling Dates

Thursday 28th September

Tuesday 24th October

Wednesday 22nd November

Tuesday 19th December


Arena Event Schooling

Friday 10th November

Monday 13th November

Friday 26th January

Tuesday 30th January