Show Helpers & Event Volunteers Required

Wellington Riding holds a calendar full of shows and events from unaffiliated to national level championships across all disciplines throughout the year.

There are a number of roles that are essential to the smooth running of our shows and events that are fulfilled by volunteers. These include, stewards, dressage writers, runners, arena party, commentators and music operators etc. We could not run our shows without the help of our volunteers and their support is greatly appreciated.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide excellent customer service at all our shows and events, we will provide training and opportunities to take part in schemes for volunteers run by the governing bodies for equestrian sports. These include training to become BD or BS stewards, BE fence judges and BD judges or writers. Once training is complete we will support you during your probationary period providing opportunities for shadowing an experienced official at our high level shows to allow you to complete the necessary hours to become a listed official in your own right.

In addition to the specific “on the job training” you will receive, for each 8 hours of volunteering you complete we will provide you with ridden training to help to familiarise you with the competition arena, its rules and customs. This ridden training may be taken in the following forms;

Whilst volunteering at a show, refreshments will be provided free of charge, for those volunteering for 4 hours or more this will include a meal (usually lunch).

From time to time we will send you Volunteers Only Special Offers, for example, free horse hire for WR events or clinics. There is also a volunteer of the month award which will be published on the Shows and Events notice board and the Volunteers page of the website.

“Volunteers are not unpaid because they are worthless

they are unpaid because they are priceless”

Click here to view the 2018 Volunteer Brochure for more information

For further details please contact our show secretary by email: