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Junior Holidays

Quick Jump

Junior Holidays

Lost Property

We have a number of items that have been left behind at Wellington Riding. Please click through below to find out more.

Adopt a pony or bring your own for a fun filled holiday at Wellington Riding including flatwork, jumping, ride outs, grooming and much much more!

Our residential weeks run from 3pm Sunday to the following Saturday at 11am. Our non-residential weeks run Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Children aged 7 – 16 years can join one of our Junior Holiday weeks which are organised during the school holidays.

Residential Arrivals and Departures.

* Arrivals between 3 and 5pm Sunday.
* Departures before 11am the following Saturday.
* If you need to arrive or depart outside of these times, please inform the office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


7.30 am Wake up call
8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am Catch in and prepare your ponies for morning lessons
10.00 am First lesson
11.00 am Stable management lecture
12.00 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Prepare you ponies for afternoon lessons
2.00 pm Second lesson
3.00 pm Ride out in the woods
4.00 pm Tack clean, tidy up and turnout ponies
5.00 pm Dinner
6.30 pm Evening activities start
10.00pm Get ready for bed
10.00pm Lights out (much earlier for our younger guests)

Adopt A Pony

Each rider has their own horse/pony to ride and care for on their holiday. A great chance to find out what it’s like to have your own!

Starters to advanced riders welcome (children need to have reached a level where they are off the lead rein in walk & trot and starting to learn to canter before they can join one of our holidays.)

Stay for 1 week or more.

Over 40 school horses and ponies suitable for all ages and abilities.

Small riding groups, determined by ability.

The children’s first lesson on a Monday is all about ensuring that the child is in the correct level group and on a suitable pony.

Show Day

Each Friday is Show day.

Everyone gets a chance to win rosettes in tack & turnout, a musical ride or dressage, show-jumping / cross country (weather dependent) or gymkhana games.

Friends and family are invited to watch the fun. Although competition day starts at 10 am, (with dressage, tack and turnout and sometimes a round of jumping), parents are asked to join us from 2pm onwards when there will be a demonstration in the form of drill rides and / or a jumping session, where the children can show their parents how much they have learnt during their stay with us.

A prize giving and barbecue (weather permitting) concludes the day (finishes around 6pm).


Our young guests stay in the cosy cabins. Each cabin is set out dormitory style with bunk beds. The cabin supervisor sleeps in an adjoining room. Meals are taken in our Nosebag restaurant. Hot, cold and vegetarian menus are available.


Overseas Visitors

Wellington Riding is truly multi-national and welcomes guests from all over the world.

Evening Activities May Include

The Wellington Riding team are committed enthusiastic people who aim to make your stay fun and worthwhile. Friends from all over the world and more from closer to home return year after year for an exciting fun packed holiday. Please visit our Testimonial page to read the comments of past visitors.

Wellington Riding would be delighted to arrange a holiday for you and promise a very special welcome is waiting.

2017 Holiday Dates

Last updated: 21st March 2017

2nd April 2017 - 8th April 2017 - Only 7 spaces left available(GIRLS)

9th April 2017 - 15th April 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

16th April 2017 - 22nd April 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

28th May 2017 - 3rd June 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

18th June 2017 - 24th June 2017 - Spaces available (BOYS & GIRLS)

25th June 2017 - 1st July 2017 - Spaces available (BOYS & GIRLS)

2nd July 2017 - 8th July 2017 - Spaces available (BOYS & GIRLS)

9th July 2017 - 15th July 2017 - Only 5 spaces left available(GIRLS)

16th July 2017 - 22nd July 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

23rd July 2017 - 29th July 2017 - Only 1 spaces left available(GIRLS)

30th July 2017 - 5th August 2017 - Only 13 spaces left available(GIRLS)

6th August 2017 - 12th August 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

13th August 2017 - 19th August 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

20th August 2017 - 26th August 2017 - Spaces available (BOYS & GIRLS)

27th August 2017 - 2nd September 2017 - Spaces available (BOYS & GIRLS)

15th October 2017 - 21st October 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

22nd October 2017 - 28th October 2017 - Spaces available(GIRLS)

We will hold a waiting list for any weeks which become oversubscribed and will contact you if a space becomes available.  In order to be placed on the waitlist you need to send in a completed booking form and they will be held in strict arrival order.



A normal holiday week caters for around 30 children per week.

* During the very busy summer weeks (i.e. when all the UK schools are on holiday – from end July) we can only accommodate boys on certain weeks. Girls are also welcome on these weeks. We find that boys enjoy their holidays much more if there are other boys here for them to socialise with.  The boys room sleeps 8.

We regret that we cannot reserve spaces without a booking form and a deposit, and any spaces available will be allotted on a strictly first come first served basis.

Junior Holiday Price List

Residential Prices

Age Group
7-12 yrs 13-16 yrs
February and October half-terms £650 £715
Easter, May half-term £780 £825
Summer holidays £850 £895

Non-Residential Prices

Age Group
7-12 yrs 13-16 yrs
February and October half-terms £430 £475
Easter, May half-term and Summer £505 £550
Summer holidays £550 £590


Sibling Discount
A 10% discount is offered to younger brothers or sisters on holiday together
Own Horse
It is now the same price whether you ride one of our horses or bring your own, the extra livery cost is not added. We regret that we can no longer offer a grass livery option.
Extra days (Pony Days) 9am – 5pm
Includes 4 lessons and lunch. Please request availability 1 week prior to each holiday date
Weekend Stopovers
Includes one day excursion and one day including riding plus accommodation and food
Airport collection and/or drop off
Price for each way journey (Other airports by arrangement, please ask for quote before booking your flight).
Heathrow £150
Gatwick £200
St Pancras £200
Unaccompanied Minors Premium Per Transferstrong> £50
English Language Coaching
5 hours per week Groups are no more than 4 children and are grouped according to level
Privatestrong> £300
Groupstrong> £165


Is there availability for the week I want and how do I book?

Places cannot be held without a completed booking form AND a deposit of £100 per child, per week, or the full fees if less than 30 days to arrival date. All spaces are allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis. If the week becomes full before your form arrives, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list if requested. Acceptance will depend on availability of beds and / or horses. Those wishing for a Non-Residential space with their own horse / pony may well be able to jump the queue.

Completed forms may be emailed to holidays@wellington-riding.co.uk

Faxed to: +44 (0) 1189 326 661 or posted to:

Junior Course Administrator
Wellington Riding
Basingstoke Road
RG27 0LJ

Once your form and deposit have been received and processed, confirmation will be sent out via EMAIL, for this reason please make sure your email address is included on the form and printed clearly. In an effort to be more environmentally aware your invoice and parent pack will also be sent out via email approximately 6 weeks before your holiday date. Please let us know if you do not have email facilities and need this to be sent out as a paper version.

What are the arrival and departure dates and times?

A Full list of this years’ holiday dates and availability can be found on our website. Our Residential holidays begin on the Sunday afternoon (after 3pm) and end on the following Saturday (before 10am). Please note that we cannot ‘check in’ children until after 3pm on the Sunday as the Supervisors do not start work until then. Unsupervised children arriving earlier (because of flight times for example) will be required to wait in the clubhouse until the supervisors arrive to start their shift. Please note we do not provide food for the children before 5pm on the Sunday.

Where do we check in?

On arrival, families should report to the clubhouse / reception (you can leave your luggage in the car for now), to sign the children in. The clubhouse is at the end of the car park – follow the signs.

Can my child bring her mobile phone with her?

We prefer children to leave valuable items like mobile phones, ipods and gameboys at home, but if you would prefer them to bring their phones with them they need to be handed in WITHOUT EXCEPTION, on arrival. The children will have access to their phones at lunchtime, but at all other times they will be kept safely in the office. If you are having trouble contacting your child, you can call the office during working hours on 01189 225379 for us to get a message to your child to call home; or; if it is an EMERGENCY, and out of office hours, the Supervisor has a mobile phone: 07826 708081. Please don’t worry if you haven’t heard from your child, it generally means that they are having far too much fun to remember to call!!! Pocket money will also be looked after in this way and should be handed in on arrival.

How much pocket money do the children need?

£30 is plenty of cash for the children to bring with them. All they need cash for is for sweets or drinks that they might want to buy, or for any bits and bobs they might like to purchase from the tack shop. Alternatively, parents can authorise tack shop purchases on their credit card (please make sure you set a limit! and that we are notified if your card is changed between your booking and the holiday date). Any entry fees arising i.e. cinema etc are included in your booking fee.

What is the difference between Residential and Non-Residential Holidays?

Residential Holidays: Children booked for a Residential holiday arrive (as above) on the Sunday afternoon and stay until the following Saturday morning. The holiday is inclusive of all meals, evening activities etc, and the children are fully supervised at all times. The children sleep on site in cabins.

Non-Residential: On a Non-Res holiday, the children do not stay on site with us, but travel in and out on a 9am-5pm basis. This is suitable for children who live locally, or if parents and children are staying at a local B & B / Hotel (I would recommend this for the very young child – we do take children from 7 years old, but find that they get extremely tired by day 2 or 3 due to the fact that late night ‘chatting’ keeps them awake!). Lunch is included in the Non-Res package, as are all the riding activities that the Residential children take part in, and, by prior arrangement, children can be dropped off earlier or collected later to facilitate parents working arrangements. , Children should be delivered to the clubhouse each day and ‘signed-in’, and collected again from the clubhouse and ‘signed-out’ by a parent. PLEASE NOTE: It is extremely important that we have been told by a parent if someone other than them is going to be collecting their child.

Evening meals and evening activities are not included in the regular Non-Res package, but if you would like your child to eat with the Residential children in the evening or to join in the occasional evening activity, we may be able to arrange this for you.

Because of other commitments I may not be able to drop off / collect my child during the normal times, is this a problem?

If your arrival and/or departure dates are different from the normal, please explain why. We may be able to accept children for an extra weekend or day either before or after their holiday, but this will depend on bookings – please note on your form and we will do our best to accommodate.

When could my son come on a riding holiday?

Due to horse-riding being such a female orientated sport in the UK, and the fact that the accommodation is dormitory style, it can be very difficult for us to accommodate boys. For this reason, during the summer months we can only book boys in for Residential holidays for either the first 3 weeks of our season (before the English State Schools break up) or for the specially designated ‘boys’ weeks. Girls will also be accommodated during these weeks. Availability for other weeks during the year depends on bookings – please contact the office for information.

My daughter is now 12, but turns 13 during her holiday, do I pay the higher or lower age bracket for her holiday?

If your child turns 13 either before or during the actual holiday, the higher age bracket costs will apply.

Where do the children sleep?

The children stay with us on site, in one of our custom-built cabins. The cabins sleep 30 children dormitory style with bunk beds. There isn’t an awful lot of storage space within the cabins, so please, pack light! Cabin 1 has 14 beds in one large room and normally houses the 12 and unders. There are 2 toilets and 2 shower cubicles in this cabin, as well as a separate room for the cabin supervisor. Cabin 2 is split into 2 rooms, one has 8 beds and normally sleeps the 13-14 year olds, and the other room sleeps the oldest 8 children. This cabin also has 2 toilets and 2 shower cubicles and a separate room for the supervisor.

Of course, there are always exceptions, and if I have 14 x 13 and 14 year olds they may be placed in Cabin 1, while the younger children are in Cabin 2. We are, however, quite strict about keeping the younger and older children separate. The younger children will go to bed earlier, and we are also well aware that a 16 year olds’ topic of conversation may not be suitable for a 7 year olds’ ears! Boys are not mixed with girls unless they are of the same family and are happy to share a room.

Tell me more about the cabins….

Our accommodation is basic but totally suitable for this type of outdoor activity holiday – believe me, plush carpets don’t stay plush for very long once children have traipsed in and out with their muddy boots! Both cabins are fitted with Intruder and Fire Alarms, and our specially chosen supervisors are qualified in Child Care, Child Protection and First Aid as well as having a clean DBS check. All meals are taken in the clubhouse.

What about Insurance?

Legally we are no longer able to recommend or include Insurance as part of our holiday package. When searching for travel insurance for one of our children’s holidays, please make sure that the insurance covers ALL aspects of horse riding, i.e. show jumping (even if your child is only at the level of stepping over a pole on the floor), cross-country jumping, hacking AND competition i.e. the Friday show. Insurance should cover personal accident and injury, as well as a cancellation clause.

Please note that as a business Wellington Riding is fully compliant with all necessary Public Liability Insurance as well as being BHS (British Horse Society) and ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools) Approved.

Please provide evidence of your insurance to the Junior Holiday coordinator before the start of the holiday. This can be done by post or email: holidays@wellingtonriding.co.uk

How many children are there in each riding group?

Riding groups are divided up according to ability. All children are assessed during their first ride on a Monday morning and are put in to groups of usually no more than 8 riders. There are normally up to 5 riding groups per week.

Please, please, please don’t read too much into the group that your child is allocated. Every week the levels of the groups are different depending on bookings, for example a child happily jumping 2’ 6” may find herself in “Pink” group one week, but on another week, might be in “Blue” group or even “Red”. These colours are random every week.

If my child wants to visit with a friend, can they stay together?

As a rule, children are divided up in cabins according to age, and in riding groups according to ability. We can be flexible as regards sleeping arrangements if a slightly older child is coming with a younger friend, i.e. the older child could stay in the younger cabin (we do not normally allow 12 or unders to sleep in the older cabin). Please make sure that you write your friends full name on the booking form if you wish to be allocated the same dorm.

For safety’s sake if friends are of different riding levels, but they want to be in the same group, the better rider will need to move down to the group of the less experienced rider – we can only do this if that group has space. Even if 2 friends are in different riding groups, they will spend a lot of their time together during their days, i.e. until 10am, lunch time (between 12 and 2pm), and all evening after 4pm.


The popularity of our holidays and the amount of children that return year after year is testimony itself, but don’t just take our word for it!  The following comments are taken from just a few of the many complimentary emails that clients have sent us, unsolicited, and in their own words, over the past couple of years:


 “I’d like to thank you and all the staff at Wellington for the amazing holiday M.. had. It was a truly memorable experience  which she absolutely loved and I saw her riding improving so much! As you know It was her very first time away from home and  she was looked after so well  I cannot but thank all of you so much! We will definately be back next year!”

L C – Italy 2015


Many thanks for making my daughters first junior pony camp a wonderful and unforgettable experience.” 

C S – Hampshire 2015


“S…  arrived home yesterday evening.  She was very excited and happy.  She had a great time with you. I want to thank you for all you made for her and for the nice days she had. She really enjoyed the riding and the evenings. Thanks to the supervisors and instructors and also to the English teacher. She loved the English course!

Thank you for all the help I got from you to organize S…’s holidays. It has been a pleasure”.

M A- Spain


“Thank you so much. D..  had a fantastic week and is already missing Minstrel”

P d L – Suffolk


“I just wanted to let you know how much L..  enjoyed her stay with you – she’s had a fantastic week, her riding has come on in leaps and bounds and she can’t wait to come back next year.

Please pass on my thanks to all the instructors (especially Harriet) and supervisors – they’re doing a brilliant job”.

S O’H – London


“E…  and I would like to thank you for the most wonderful week spent at Wellington. She had so much fun.

She is already planning her next visit !

Big thanks go to all the instructors and yourself for the excellent work”

M B – Hong Kong


 “Just to let you know that A..  had the most amazing last week with you, she has not stopped talking about it and is constantly saying how she is missing “Minstrel” terribly !.

 Thank you to you and all the Crew who helped to make her week the best ever !!.  A..  is already talking about when she can go back !!.

Thanks again for providing A…  (and the others) with a fabulous, never to be forgotten week !!.

L S – Dorset


Letter Published in Pony Magazine 2013

“My sister and I went to Wellington Riding for a riding camp after reading about it in the magazine. Charlotte rode Crackers, the same pony that the winner of the competition in PONY rode. He is a 14hh chestnut pony with a snip and a white spot on his bottom. I rode Tobias, a dark bay cob with a wide blaze. Tobias and I came 4th in tack and turnout and 4th in show jumping out of 8 on the show day, which I was really pleased with. I really enjoyed the week – one of the best moments was jumping 3 foot 1 in the chase me Charlie (putting us joint 3rd) and coming second in block elimination. Although he was definitely lazy at times, he taught me loads about riding different ponies and gave me confidence to jump higher than ever before! It was sad to say goodbye at the end of the week but we have lots of good memories, and wanted to say thank you to PONY for telling us about Wellington in the first place!”


“Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous week C…  had with you. She came back home over the moon and she is already thinking of a next time with you.

 On the show day I was very impressed by the teachers, how nice they were to the kids, making them feel confident on their exercises and making the parents feel relaxed.

 You have really created a super nice school and we look forward to join again”

S G – London


“I wanted to thank you and all the lovely staff at Wellington for the wonderful week P…. experienced with you. She had a truly amazing time and is already trying to arrange a weekend ride with a friend. I can also see the holiday camp becoming a yearly event!

Thank you all again and I do hope we see you again soon.”

I R – London


“I want to say a huge thank you to you and your team for the wonderful time you gave C…  last week. She couldn’t have sounded happier when she telephoned us each lunchtime, and it was so impressive to see how much progress she made in her riding on Friday. She also made some good friends and she is keeping up with them via Facebook.

As a Child Psychologist I was incredibly impressed with how you organised all the girls and how well they all got on with each other.

Neither C…  nor M… a had a single area of complaint. They enjoyed every minute of it all.

Thanks again, and we very much look forward to booking the next holiday.”

O U – London


“We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful week L…  had last week.  She came home buzzing but exhausted.  Thank you so much for also managing to put her in the same group as her friend; it was really appreciated.  Please can you let any of the staff know who helped L…  last week know what a great time she had and how much she felt she had learnt.”

A M – London


“I write this few lines just to say thank you. B…   and R…   had a  very good time there in Wellington Riding, they enjoy a lot with the horses and what is more important for us they have  seen the important of speaking english.  Everyday she study english no telling anything.

 Probably, next year we will repeat but on the end of july trying not finding many spanish.”

J H  – Spain


“I wanted to say how much my daughter M…  loved her time with you all at Wellington. It was, she  said, the best week of her life!! Thank you so much for your care of my little girl!

I would like to book her in for next Summer..please let me know when I need to do this!!”

J M – Shanghai


“Just wanted to say thank you so much for having E…  last week. She thoroughly enjoyed it and had an amazing time and has regained her confidence in riding.  She said it was the best thing she’s ever been to and will definitely be coming back.”

J A – Hampshire


A quick line to say a big thank you for making K… have such a lovely time last week, so much so she cried all the way home on Friday evening, heart broken at leaving Sally. Glad to say she is fine, caught up with her friends today and all discussing doing the Feb half term week holiday !!  As a parent i was concerned, as she has never stayed away before on her own, but i need not had worried !

Z O – Surrey


Dear All at Wellington Riding, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you all for the wonderful weeks holiday which our daughter, G, enjoyed over the recent half term, she had an absolute ball at Wellington.

She is pony mad and so she was in pony heaven for the whole week.  She made lots of lovely new friends and her riding has really improved too which is a bonus.

The set up at Wellington is really great – as a parent there is a real sense of security in the knowledge that the children are happy and well looked after.  The children are taught all aspects of riding and stable management at a very high level.

Many thanks to you all for making G’s holiday really special.

S.S – London

Parent Guide

Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals between 3 and 5pm Sunday.
Departures before 11am Saturday.
If you need to arrive or depart outside of these times, please inform the office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Suggested Equipment


Pocket Money

Pocket money to cover sweets, gifts, etc. is required. £30 per week should be sufficient to cover this. Pocket Money should be handed in on arrival for safe keeping and your child will be given time to spend their money on a daily basis. Excursion costs are included in the holiday price for 2016.


Where appropriate, please provide in writing any information concerning medical conditions and medication currently being administered. Any pills or medicines must be handed to the Junior Course Supervisor on arrival together with precise details of administration. Please note we are unable to give medicine such as Calpol without written consent from the parent/guardians. If you feel your child may need to take medicine during their time with us please bring this with you for their holiday.


We would be grateful if you would refrain from telephoning your child, as experience has shown that children settle in better if undisturbed by personal calls, especially in the first few days. It is also difficult to get children to the telephone during their activities which are held in different parts of the Estate. Our Holidays Co-ordinator is available if you wish to ask about your child or check on their safe arrival. Normal office hours are 9.00 am – 5.00 p.m. Office numbers are 01189 225379 or 01189 326308. The Cabin Supervisors also carry a mobile phone at all times out of office hours, but this number is for EMERGENCIES ONLY PLEASE: 07826 708081

Lost Property

Lost / left property can be posted on at owners expense. Please ensure ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY MARKED WITH OWNER’S NAME. We can not be responsible for lost clothing or equipment. Mobile phones and computer games are not recommended as they are easily damaged or lost.

Un-named lost property will be listed on the Lost Property page of this website, and we will happily return any items to you at your own expense.


Wellington Riding reserves the right to cancel bookings for any reason beyond our control, in which case all monies paid will be refunded.  In the event that guests have to cancel, notice must be given in writing more than four weeks prior to the start date of the holiday, the deposit payment will be retained.

Refunds are not made.

In the event that guests have to cancel within four weeks of the start date of their holiday, fees are due in full and no money will be returned (see insurance above).If guests wish to change the date of their holiday, notice must be given in writing at least four weeks before the start date of the holiday. We will endeavour to find and offer another available and acceptable date within the current year. If such alternatives cannot be accepted within the current year, all payments will be retained to defray costs of the cancellation (see insurance below.) An administration fee of £25.00 will be charged for each change made. Failure to provide required notice in respect of cancellations or changes to holidays will result in all monies being forfeited.

Cancellation Insurance

It is essential that clients are covered by a fully comprehensive activity holiday insurance. Unfortunately we can no longer provide this for you. When considering your insurance, please ensure that horse riding, including jumping, is covered by your policy. Please provide written evidence of this policy before the start of the holiday.

Discipline and Responsibility

Living alongside and mixing with other children is a valuable part of the holiday experience and we try to ensure that everyone is included. Every child wishes to enjoy their holiday and we keep a close check on teasing, bullying or any other anti-social behaviour that may spoil an individual’s enjoyment. Our experience over the years means this is rarely a problem, but please tell your children that they must speak to an Instructor or Supervisor if this should occur. If your child informs you of a problem, please contact the office so that we can take immediate steps to remedy the situation. When necessary, we will be firm with children who are affecting the enjoyment of others. If problem behaviour is persistent or serious we will contact the parent or guardian. We reserve the right to send any child home immediately at parent/guardians expense and to charge for any costs incurred. No refunds will be made for any children sent home for behavioural reasons.

How to Book

Please complete the booking form and send with deposit of £100.00 per child, per week, (or if not less than 30 days to arrival date, the full fees) to: Junior Course Administrator, Wellington Riding, Heckfield, Hook, Hampshire RG27 0LJ

Tel: JC Direct Line – 01189 225 379; Office: 0118 932 6308 Fax: 0118 932 6661

Email: holidays@wellington-riding.co.uk

And Finally

We, at Wellington Riding, would like to assure you we do our very best to make sure your child has a SAFE, INSTRUCTIONAL and HAPPY time with us. The staff, horses and ponies look forward to welcoming riders to the wonderful world at Wellington !!!

Local Accommodation

Please find below a list of local bed and breakfast and hotels

Accommodation is available at local inns or hotels, costing from approximately £30 to £90 per night for bed and breakfast. Accounts for accommodation must be settled direct with the inn or hotel concerned, some offer special rates to Wellington clients. Owing to the variation in prices, and clients’ wishes, it is preferable to book direct. Some suggested hotels and guest houses are:-


The Wellington Arms Hotel, Stratfield Turgis, Hampshire – Tel. 01256 882214 – www.wellingtontratfieldturgis.co.uk

Millennium Madejski Hotel (Reading) -0118 9253808  – www.millenniumhotels.co.uk  (If you would like to book ask Wellington if they have any current deals with Madejski)

The French Horn at Sonning – Tel: 01189 692204 –  www.thefrenchhorn.co.uk

Highfield Park, Heckfield, Hampshire – Tel. 0118 932 6369 – www.deverevenues.co.uk/en/venues/highfield-park

Hook House Hotel, Hook, Hampshire – Tel. 01256 762630 –  www.hookhousehotel.co.uk

New Inn, Heckfield, Hampshire – Tel. 0118 932 6374 – www.thenewinn.info

Tylney Hall, Rotherwick, Hampshire. – Tel: 01256 764 881 – www.tylneyhall.co.uk

Travelodge, Reading, Berkshire. – Tel: 0118 975 0618


Crown Bed and Breakfast Apartment accommodation  – Tel: 01256 769496 –  www.crown-bb.co.uk

Cherry Lodge Guest House, Reading Road, Hook, Hampshire. – Tel: 01256 766 068

The Chimes B & B, 45 Longwater Road, Finchampstead, Berkshire. RG40 3TS. Tel: 0118 932 8016 or visit website at: www.thechimes.20m.com

Rowe’s Farmhouse, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire. Tel: 0118 988 3242 www.renewalcentre.co.uk

Wokefield Park, Mortimer, Reading. RG7 3AE – Tel: 0118 933 4000 –  www.devere.co.uk

Lucy Allison, Country House in Bramshill – Tel: 0118 932 6270 Mob: 0771 282 5462 Fax: 0118 932 6919 – E-mail: lucy.allison@dial.pipex.com

Important Hat Updates For 2016

Due to a change by the European Commission regarding EN1384 and BSEN1384 no longer being an accepted standard, all hats which ONLY meet the standard EN1384 or BSEN1384, with or without a kitemark, and do not comply with another standard from the below list, WILL NOT be permitted for use at any BHS Approved Centre.

Hats which bear EN1384 or BSEN1384 ALONG WITH another standard from the below list, will be permitted. For example, BSEN1384 & PAS015 (1998 or 2011) along with the Kitemark would be acceptable, but not BSEN1384 on its own.

The current BHS-recognised standards are:

Hats should also ideally be Kitemarked. The Kitemark is a quality assurance mark and is the registered trademark of the British Standards Institute (BSI). It can only be affixed to products certified by them.

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