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Conan Rowan

Senior Coach

We are looking forward to welcoming Conan and his family to Wellington Riding in early October.  Full profile coming soon ..

Charis Howard, BHS SCCH (APC) BA (hons) 

Senior Coach

Charis started riding at around 7 years old, not from a horsey family she had her first ride at a school fete and then started taking lessons at the local riding school in the village in Mid Wales where she grew up. At 11 she was lucky enough to get a share of a school pony which she was able to take to local shows, competitions, pony club rallies and camps. By 16 she was more likely to be found at the stables than anywhere else and started teaching lessons under the supervision of the senior instructors.

After A levels she decided to follow her other passion of theatre and moved to London to study stage management at drama school. After qualifying she worked in theatres for a few years until she decided horses were her future. In 2007  she got a job as a groom for a children's charity which provide the opportunity for children to ride who may not have been able to afford to otherwise. In that position she started training for her BHS qualifications.

Charis decided to concentrate on becoming a coach so got a job at a riding school and continued training for her BHS exams. She has worked for several centres of various sizes (from 10 horses to 150), progressed to senior level and gained her BHS Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship in 2017. Her passion is eventing and is hoping that the move to Wellington will allow her to get back into competing regularly and continue training towards the BHS Performance Coach qualification.

When not working Charis can be found either spectating and socialising at the top level events such as Badminton and Burghley; running (she hopes to complete a half marathon in the not too distant future) or going to the theatre. She also endeavours to visit the gym regularly as she finds it makes a big difference to her riding ability and uses knowledge gained from the gym instructors to assist in her coaching, often giving clients "homework" of certain exercises to improve their riding.

Another theme to Charis' lessons is polework, often creating new patterns (all of which get named) that ask different questions of both horses and their riders. Charis regularly collaborates with other coaches swapping and developing ideas to keep her coaching sessions fresh, interesting and up to date.

Tree 3-D

Jade Vale

Stables Manager

Full profile coming soon ....