12 Month Practical Course – Apprenticeship

A practical ‘hand-on’ course giving invaluable industry experience.

The course is available to those apprentices who wish to train as part of their working day. We regard these apprentices as an integral part of the team because they spend 12 months at Wellington Riding.

Apprentices may also take their BHS assessments throughout their year with us, and would aim to achieve at least their BHS Stage 1, Ride Safe, and BHS Stage 2 qualifications by the end of the course. Some of our apprentices are also able to achieve BHS Stage 3, but this may depend on their previous experience before coming to train with us. All apprentices also train towards their BHS Stage 2 and 3 teaching test and are able to take this too,
providing they are old enough during their time with us.

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A day in the life of a 12 month student

Training is carried out on weekdays around a normal working day

Apprentices will ride, attend theoretical or practical lectures and teaching practice. They will gain the essential practical ‘hands-on’ experience on their allocated yard under the supervision of the permanent yard staff. As the apprentices progress, their training plan may change.

Free Intial one-on-one assessmentTeaching practice sessions
2 week work placement prior to enrolmentAllocated horses and ponies to care for
Ridden training sessionsPersonal mentoring and 12 week reviews
Stable management sessionsAssessment plans

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