Adult Frequently Asked Questions

When does each Adult Course day start and end ?

Each day starts at 9.30am in the clubhouse with coffee and a discussion of your days activities.  The riding programme normally starts at around 10am, and your day finishes at 4pm.

What do I need to prepare if I am bringing my own horse?

If you are bringing your own horse with you for your holiday, you may wish to arrive on the Tuesday afternoon / early evening to settle your horse in.  Please give at least a weeks’ notice if this is the case so that your stable is ready for you on arrival.  Please be aware that the office staff and the majority of the yard staff finish at 5.30pm, so if you are arriving later we must know in advance so arrangements can be made.   All horses entering Wellington must have up-to-date Flu jabs, please bring your horse’s passport with you as this will need to be checked by the Yard Manager.