Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – effective for lessons from May 2020

Lessons can be booked via our online booking system hosted by EC Pro.  You can access this system in several ways:

Via our website and select the Riding School menu.  The link is there for registration onto the system.  It is also available via

Via the EC Pro app which can be downloaded to your mobile device.

In person at Wellington Riding reception daily between 9.00am & 5.00pm.

General Conditions

If you have any issues with your registration or booking please do not hesitate to contact our reception team by telephone on 0118 932 6308 or email and they will be pleased to assist you with the process.

Lessons prices are show on our website.  Bookings for both group and private lessons are subject to the following booking conditions:-

Payment must be made in full at time of booking for all lessons. 
Credit or Token given on all lessons cancelled with 1hr notice

Bookings for lessons close by 12 hours before the lesson


Singles – once booked, if you are unable to make a lesson and wish to reschedule, singles may be transferred to an alternative date provided that 36 hours notice is given via the online system. If appropriate notice is not given, cancellation will occur without transfer. Any cancelled lesson that is eligible for a transfer will have the associated value credited to your user account.  This credit is then available to rebook lessons. 

Singles– If you are unable to make a lesson and cancel it inside the terms and conditions you will be issued a credit if you paid or a token if you used a token onto your account for you to reuse. Outside of the terms and conditions no credit or token will be issued.

Sets of 4

Sets of 4 – these are available as a ‘multibuy’ at a reduced rate but all must be booked in at the same time.  The discount is applied once the lessons are added to your online basket.   These sessions are strictly non-transferable once booked.

Set of 4– These are available as a ‘multibuy’ when you place 4 of the same lesson in your basket. If you wish to cancel one of these inside the terms and conditions you will be issued with a credit on your account. These are available to purchase as a token package valid for 6 months. Purchasing 4 tokens gives the ability to book lessons for future dates. If cancelled within the Terms and Conditions a token will be refunded.

Private Clients

Regular 45 minute private clients can make a request for a templated slot. ‘Templated’ lessons must be booked via the online booking system at least one week in advance or the slot will become available to other clients and an alternative slot cannot be guaranteed.  If you are unable to make a ‘templated’ slot for any reason please let the office know so they may make the slot available to others.


If any rider ceases to ride at Wellington Riding, any lessons purchased but not booked in will be held for a period of 6 months after which time they will be deemed invalid. Lessons may be transferred to another rider within this time if the lesson holder or parent/guardian gives notice in writing.

Wellington Riding reserves the right to make changes to lessons or coaches if necessary, including cancellations at short notice. In every circumstance we will endeavour to notify clients of such changes.

Riders on their own horse receive a 20% discount on group and private tuition.

COVID 19 Amendments

Only 1 Parent or Guardian with each under 18

Clean riding gloves must be worn

Follow onsite Signage and Guidance

PPE will be worn by Staff for a fall or First Aid

Client must supply own equipment (no Hat or Boots available to Borrow)

Only Toilets on the Ground Floor of the Club House and the yard will be available

No Dog Walking or Exercising in the Woods

We reserve the right to take a Client’s temperature if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19. If it is deemed that you are unable to ride we will credit the lesson cost or token to your account.